Teeny-tiny Print Just Happened


I must have hit the wrong key. My document has gone into an infinitesimal size. Nothing I do brings it back to normal. It shows Helvetica 12, 24 point but it’s literally unreadable.

Hoping someone has an idea what happened and how to fix it.


Any chance you accidentally decreased the zoom in the editor? If you’ve got the footer visible, the zoom percentage should be given in on the left, and you can click it to select a new percentage (135% is the default). Or View > Zoom should help if that’s the case.

If the editor zoom looks right, try selecting the text and switching the size to something else and then back in case that jogs a gremlin loose. Are you seeing this on all documents, in both editors (if you try loading a split)? I’m assuming this is in your editor, and not post-compile, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks so much. It was the zoom.

Great, glad it was an easy fix! :slight_smile: