Tell us about your blog(s)

I have noticed that many (most?) of the folks on this forum have blogs of their own. I am thinking it will be interesting and fun to learn about your blog(s), so I am suggesting everyone who would like to participate please respond to this post with your blog URL and a brief description of it.

I’ll get the ball rolling (not that anyone will find my blogs all that interesting):

  • where I spout my liberal political blather

  • where I express my Red Sox baseball fanaticism

So, tell us about your blog(s) too.

Just thought Id let you know that the slippers Im wearing as I compose this post, have The Red Socks Logo emblazoned across em, and my pint pot is from Cheers, courtesy of my youngest daughter and boyfriend.

Las time I was in Sherwood was over forty years ago. Don`t time fly :open_mouth:
Take care
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Red Sox slippers! I’m very envious!!!

They’re designed to be worn from mid-August to late September while you slip into second place. No, third… Whoops, fourth place.


My blogs:
Twelfth Root of Two (personal blog)
Conversations with Dale (leading change)


Location of first completed novel. Based on a comic book series developed with 4 friends in high school. Beginnings of a follow-up story there as well.

Hmmm. Apparently you’ve been sleeping the past fives years.

Dont you two start fighting over my sippers :open_mouth: Theyre protected by Copyright !! Ill have to slap a bit of DRM on em. And anyway youre Off-Topicking. Serious misdemeanour!! Shame on y.

Not sleeping, no. It’s just that as a life-long Red Sox fan I can’t help fearing that they’re just setting me up for an even bigger heartbreak… :wink:


Art and lit stuff that I share with an artist friend, plus occasional pics of the kids.