Temp Files causing crash.

I am having a slight problem with Scrivener at the moment. At the moment Scrivener is leaving copies of projects in my C:\User\App Data\Local\Temp directory. I think this is triggered when a backup is made within the program. This makes my computer crash and restart itself after about 100 mb of Scrivener data is left there every day until I remove the scrive projects stored there… I know it’s the Scrivener projects doing this as as soon as I delete them the computer no longer crashes until I make 6 or seven backups which works out at 2 or 3 per project. The only way to fix this at the moment is to use a program like CC cleaner but then I lose settings for other programs so I have to go in manually and delete them.

Would it be possible to have Scrivener remove these files after it closes, or a setting to remove temp project files being stored? It’s a pain having my computer keep crashing and having to delete them manually.

Also it is safe for me to delete the Scrivener HQ folder from my App Data\Local folder? It was created pre 1.0 release and I don’t think Scrivener uses it any more.

Hope you can stop Scrivener crashing my computer. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday. passes you all an umbrella