Temp files

Thanks cdyard,

good regular maintenance advice, like checking water and oil of a car. But I still would like to know why it is leaking so much oil and water in the first place.

I open a project with 30 documents, no snapshots. I change 2 of them, click a bit in the binder. And an hour later I end up with hundreds of files in temp. Even if Autosave would overwrite all 30 files instead of just the one I am editing, it couldn’t amount to so many files.

I have looked in every single TEMP folder under the Documents and Settings folder but I don’t have any temp files relating to Scrivener.

In fact, other than the daily temp files that windows puts out, my temp folders are empty–except for an Adobe photoshop folder which cannot be deleted but it’s very small.

I’ve even had a few Scrivener crashes which usually leave temp files, but if the were any at one time they are certainly gone now.

Perhaps it’s because I regularly use CC Cleaner, a free program from CNet.com which cleans out junk files from your system.


I know some people never shut down their computers, and that is when most temp files are flushed out of the system. Could that be an issue? I shut down mine very night.

WIN XP Service Pack 3