Template based documents will be changed when the template is changed.

I guess that others should have written on this, but I cannot find it.

I wish all documents created using template be updated when the template is changed. Just imagine that if I created dozens of character sheets and then I find an important item was missing. Even though I change the template, it has no effect on all the character sheets that I’ve created already. If the character sheets are updated automatically, It would be much easeir to add the new item for each sheets.

Best whishes.

There’s no way this could be implemented, I’m afraid. Once you create a document from a template, it is its own document - just like, say, copying and pasting a Word document in Windows Explorer. Even if there were some tie between them, it would be far from trivial to try to add a change made to the original document, since the changes made since the document was created from the template could consist of anything.

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One thing to remember about Scrivener is that template is literally just a starting point for your project. It’s not a “master copy”, there nothing magical about it that limits you from altering your project so that it no longer resembles your template – it’s literally just “open a new project with the following content and settings.”

It would be like going to a car dealer and asking to buy a car (your new project) just like your friend’s car (the template). You’ll get one that has the same color, engine options, doors, etc. but it won’t have the same fuzzy dice or bumper stickers – and if your friend later repaints the car and updates their stereo, you don’t automatically get a new paint job or stereo in your car.