Template categories

I’m sure this must be possible, but I can’t find an indication of how to do it. I’d like to make a couple of new categories for some of my templates, rather than just having everything thrown in a heap in MISCELLANEOUS or NON-FICTION. So when I start a new project, I can choose from mygroup1, and see the templates, or Mygrop2 and see the other templates.

Also, are the template categories necessarily listed in alphabetical order? Or can I change the order in which they are listed?



With the exception of the three special categories, “Getting Started”, “All” and “Blank”, they are indeed alphabetised. This kind of simple treatment is necessary because categories are not a thing, in the sense you might be thinking of. The list of categories on the left is automatically generated whenever a template requests a custom category. Delete or move the last template within it to another category, and you’ll find the category immediately disappears. So using a naming convention that takes advantage of that will be the best option.

By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, you can right-click on a custom template and edit its settings directly. You don’t have to make a new project from a template just to change its settings any more.

And just to add that the way you make a custom category is by creating or project template or editing a user-created one. When using File > Save as Template…, or when editing a user template, you can choose “Custom” for the category and then enter a category name.

All the best,