Template could not be created...

My issue when using “Save as Template”:

MacOS 10.13.03 (Hig Sierra), Scrivener 3.1.5 (12258), downloaded from the webpage of Literature & Latte. I fully deleted Scrivener 2 totally with AppCleaner before installing version 3. >400 GB free space, permissions checked.

This issue has been mentioned in 2013 for Scrivener 2, downloaded from Apple. But now it appears in my version 3 of Scrivener from the L&L webpage.

Any suggestions?

Mac OS 10.13.3 is significantly back level. The last version of High Sierra was 10.13.6.

I’d recommend upgrading, as Scrivener depends on operating system tools for compression.



thanks a lot. I updated.

However, the problem still persisted. I spend another hour this morning playing around, because some templates were saved, others not. The flaw: I tried to save the templates with a leading and an ending dash (minus: “-”), like “- Article -”. In order to keep them first in the lists of templates.

The simple solution: Avoiding the dash (minus) in template file names!

However, saving templates works with any other first charakter in the file name except with the dash (minus). Even with leading numbers (“0”, “1”, …) and other special characters ("•", “=”, “”, …). Strange.

I did not know, that 10.13.3 was already outdated. I am on an old MacBook Pro and 10.13 is the last system which works smoothly on that machine while still accepting 32 bit programms. I upgraded recently from system 10.10 only because I wanted to use Scrivener 3, which did not work on 10.10. I was used to Scrivener 2 since a couple of years but felt that version 3 offers more (which it does). But I know, end of life is near…

Thus thanks a lot to motivate me not to give up.

/ Hajo