template created date problem


A week ago I created a template. Now every time I use the template to create a new project the date of the project is the same date as the template I created not when the project was actually created.

eg Template created on 30th Nov 2011. Project created using the template on the 7th Dec 2011, but the created date in finder is the 30th November.

How do I fix this?


Hmm, because the project file is essentially unzipped from the template, the created date does indeed seem to use the original template date. I’ve added this to my “to do” list to address in the next update.

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This also happens with a “save as”

2023 now. I just created a new template in the Windows Scriv 3 and am having exactly this problem. The General metadata shows the created date of the project I cloned for the template. I can’t find any way to edit the general metadata in a new project. (I know this is the Mac section, but this is the only item that came up when I searched my problem.)

That’s true for pre-existing documents, but anything after that will have the right created date.
(Which is per document, btw. Not per project.)

Got ya. Not the project date of creation.