Template Depository

Greetings Everyone,

Will there ever be a template depository located at this site? The MAC version of Scrivener has more templates then the Windows version. It would be nice to have a location here where we can download templates. If there is another section, please provide the link. The poetry and paperback novel templates are just 2 of the templates the Windows version of Scrivener does not have.

Thank you 8)

The best place to find / upload any new templates would be in the “Zen of using Scrivener” section of the forum. There are a couple of them in there already.

Templates for Scrivener Projects are like Scrivener Projects themselves… a cross platform format, so you can use Mac ones on the Windows version, although you’ll lose some of the functionality (eg custom icons).

The compile settings used to turn those into the desired compile output are platform specific, however.