Template descriptions popup when hovering

I use Scrivener to create Podcast Scripts and I have a number of story structures I use and I have them in separate templates, but it would be nice to be able to store descriptions of the templates so that I can get hints on what template to pick. Maybe just a 45 word description and have that visible in a popup when choosing the template for the story I’m about to write.

Project templates in fact did once have descriptions, but the choice was made many years ago to remove them as they weren’t adding much for most scenarios. Thus it is unlikely that capability will return.

That aside, given the description of what you’re trying to optimise here, I wonder if it might not be more efficient and informative to have one single podcast project template which, inside of it, has a number of different structural document templates that can be used to spawn the necessary starting structures that you require.

Here is a simple illustration of how such a template could be saved. You have your starting structures in the document templates folder, each annotated to your heart’s desire on the index card. To get started, you’d use the Project ▸ New from Template ▸ submenu to select the top level folder that represents the structure. The entirety of that structure (as shown with the expanded “B” example in the binder) will be reproduced into the Draft.

You could also just drag and drop the desired card from the bottom split into the top, and go from there—since in this case you wouldn’t really need the document templates for this once you choose one anyway, and then close the split.

It may not work for you, perhaps you have extensive fine-tuned binder set ups in both Draft and Research, but maybe it will help with this or other things you’d like to do.

Yes, that might be the solution. Sounds genius. I’ll have a try. Thanks!