"Template" for pages?

I have a large number of pages that will have the same layout, i.e. the same paragraphs and paragraph headers. Is there a way of creating a “page template” so I won’t have to copy and paste these over and over?

I’ve tried searching for ‘template’ in help, but template is used here to mean for the whole document. I’m new to Scrivener and don’t know all the jargon. Perhaps there is another word I should be searching for.

Any help appreciated.



I think what you may be after are called “Document Templates”. In Scrivener, the left panel is called “The Binder”, and everything you see there, aside from 3 “special” items, is called a “document”, or alternatively, a “folder”, though they’re actually very similar, and can be written on/in.

If you haven’t already, start the Interactive Tutorial (from the templates chooser, or from the Help menu). Go at your own pace, closing it when you’ve had enough–it will pick up where you last left off, so no need to rush through the whole thing. The tutorial project will teach you all sorts of helpful things about Scrivener, including what everything’s called.

Good luck, and happy Scrivening!

Thanks for the post and suggestions.