Template format?

I choose to use the non-fiction template, have written a great deal so, but continually have issues with formatting. I have tried saving a formatted section , even applying to another section. Doesn’t work. I now have a most interesting looking book…maybe I could start a trend in publishing?! Or…

  1. Is there a way to clear current mixed-up formatting and redo?
  2. Is it advisable to take a blank template and set all formatting, then transfer text from other book into that template. I know some believe all formatting is done AFTER the composition is completed, but …
    When I say format, I am talking about:
    1 Setting font for text, another for title, chapter headings and subheadings.
    2 Setting page size and margins
    3 Line and paragraph spacing
    4 Indents
    I have consulted the manual, other resources and found nothing applicable to the above. It would also be most helpful to know precisely whether all this is done in Preferences under Format, or thru the dropdown in the Editor.
  1. If a specific document needs unusual styling of any kind, give it a unique section type and format a layout for it in Compile … or compile that section type as-is.
  2. If parts of a document need special styling, use styles.
  3. For everything else (probably the vast majority of the text), set a default paragraph in Preferences (Mac) or Options (Windows) and apply that default to most or all documents by selecting them and using Documents▸Convert▸Convert to Default Formatting. That regularizes Editor formatting for unstyled paragraphs.

A compile format can also “regularize” your irregular draft text for you. A compile format can be set to override the formatting of every “no style” paragraph and impose font, font size, line spacing, indent features, and more. A compile format can also “restyle” the look of assigned paragraph and character styles if you want as well.

Thank you, gr! Exactly what I wanted to know and a big help.

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