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I’ve downloaded quite a few templates mentioned in these forums. When I unzip them, they show up as either a file ending in .scrivtemplate, .scriv or a folder containing files like: template.scrivx, binder.autosave, search.indexes, etc.

When I try to import templates from the main scrivener screen, none of the files are importable. They are all greyed out and unable to import…

What am I missing here?

A true template ends with the extension “.scrivtemplate”. You need to use the project chooser, which shows the template projects, to import it, as you add templates to the project template chooser. To do so, go to File > New Project, and select “Import Templates…” from the “Options” button at the bottom.

If a file ends with the “.scriv” extension, then it is just a regular Scrivener project, and not really a template at all. Double-click on it to open it, or use File > Open… Once you’ve opened the project, you can save it as a template using File > Save As Template… After that, it will appear in the project chooser.

As for folders containing files such as “binder.autosave” and suchlike, that sounds as though they have been created by somebody on the Windows version by somebody who has renamed the container folder. Rename the folder so that it ends with the extension “.scriv”. As soon as you do so, it should look like a regular Scrivener file, after which you will be able to follow the same process described above for “.scriv” files.

(In general, we recommend sharing templates using the .scrivtemplate format.)

Hope that helps!

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Sounds about right.
When I tried adding those with the .scrivtemplate, it said they were corrupt, which makes we wonder if they were really .scriv and got renamed rather than saved as templates. I’ll give some of this a go and see if I can get them to work.


It worked for all but one. One says that it is an older file format. When I choose to update it, it opens a file that is blank. And of course it’s the template I wanted the most. sigh

I guess since the creator of the template didn’t update it, I’m out of luck on that one.

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