Template Margins Keep Changing

HI, I created some template sheets, character profiles to fill in etc. I changed some margins, put in numbered lists and so on. I store them in the templates folder, obviously, and then do the “open from templates command”. But when the template sheet opens in whatever folder I want it in, all the margins change and it looks wonky. Seems like it tries to adjust the margins to the default margins of the project instead of the template sheet setup /margins over-riding that. Now, needing to adjust the margins every time I open a template sheet defeats the purpose of it a bit but I’m assuming there’s an easy fix that eludes me. Anyone encounter this?

Thank you.

My guess is the template was not created in your current default font . You could open actual template format in default font and now save

Scrivener knows nothing of margins until print or compile time. You must be talking about Indents, which are a known issue in bullet lists and numbered lists.

I guess the solution is to keep your Templates simple.

Do you know Document > Set default Template for Folder?

Seems you are both correct. Yes I was talking about indents (which confuse me in general, that little 90° hook that always appears and I only partially know what to do with it). And yes, looks like it was because my default font was Sitka when I made the templates and I had only changed the default font after I made the them. Did a test with a new template in my preferred font and now when open that template sheet elsewhere in the project, it looks correct.

It’s probably best to keeps things pretty simple, list and indent-wise, but I’m such a messy writer I need the visual separators to keep me straight. I say that but it’s likely just an excuse for some OCD…

Try insert>horizontal line and can page centered line or could do tables.

I use those in templates here is example where have shaded cells and mix of typed lines as dividers.