Template: Places/setting sketches

Can you add an image in the setting sketch just like you can in the character sketch?

Yes, you can toggle this mode for any item in the binder. In the Inspector, at the very top next to the little button that will automatically populate the synopsis with text from the file, there is a depiction of an index card in a menu. Click that menu and switch it to the photo icon. Now this item will be represented as a photograph on the corkboard.

Thank you for this tip. That was NOT easy to find in the software :smiley:

Hmm. It’s in the manual (though not in §12.1.1, which might be another good place, although there are only so many times you can repeat information, I suppose), but maybe it would help if it were mentioned in the tutorial step 5a, The Synopsis Index Card?

I’m not sure about 12.1.1, as that section is more about attempting to life the veil on how an index card is a representational model of a document’s meta-data, and as such is more of a basic introductory article for those who have yet to learn that an index card is a document and that a corkboard is the contents of that document. Displaying documents as photographs is more of a tweak to the basic fundamental behaviour, and so more advanced.

On the other hand, the casual, nearly tangential mention this feature gets in a discussion of the Inspector is probably not enough, nor is it the first place most would check. Perhaps a short section at the end of chapter 12, so it shows up in the ToC, called “Placing Images on the Corkboard” that discusses both standard media and the ability to represent documents as images.