Template question

I have a question about the default novel template. I couldn’t find my answer in the doc or in the rest of this forum, so it might just be me having a general misunderstanding of how things work.

The Title Page for the template has a number of things enclosed by angle brackets. For example, we have:


When I compiled my project, <$wc100> was replaced with the word count. I understand that; <$wc100> is a variable. So, I expected <$TEMPLATE_PROJECTNAME> to be a variable, too, and to pull in the name of my project. It’s not doing that.

Am I misunderstanding what’s going on? If no, is there somewhere I have to go to set these up? Or – oooh, I just thought of this – am I supposed to go edit anything starting with $template in the template itself?

That wasn’t clear to me from reading the docs, but it could just be my expectations were wrong.

Great product, love it, can’t wait for the next release!


These templates are just temporary placeholders for the real thing, and they contain features which have yet to be implemented. For now, just replace the stuff that doesn’t automatically work with the proper info by hand. Anything preceded by a <$template… will need to be handled this way.