Template Question

For the novel template, on the first page is the stuff that has things like $template_fullName and whatnot. It seems to me that these are the kinds of things that get translated out by Compile. However, I can’t figure out exactly where you put the information into the project so that the functions can pick up the information. (As opposed to, of course, just typing over them with the information).

I couldn’t find it in the tutorial or the manual either. Any pointers are appreciated.


These are carryover variables from the Mac version, where the Apple application Address Book is used to fill in user name, address, etc. They’ve been cleaned up and replaced with simpler placeholder text in the Windows templates in the more recent releases. At some point down the road, Lee should be able to add a feature for the user to be able to enter this information for Scrivener and then have these or similar variables available, but that’s an off in the future thing at present. The variables are just static text, so just replace it in the document with the proper information.

Ok, thanks so much. It was driving me crazy, because it wasn’t addressed at all anywhere. And I looked! It would be nice to enter that in for a project or just in general globally (for the address stuff, anyway).

The one for word count works as a variable though, and uses the size of the compiled file just fine (including my outline).


Just in case anyone is wondering, this is still true as of Windows version 1.2.5.

And no, this is not a plea to fix it :slight_smile: , but just a notice that you still see those placeholders and there’s still no mention in the manual.

The only thing I would ask, though, is if this hasn’t been implemented by the next time you release a new version of the manual that you put in a short section that says just that: this is not implemented in the Windows version yet, but you can just type over these fields with the information.

Thanks, and great job on the latest version!


It’s true that Windows does not have template-specific placeholder tags to auto-fill name and title, but these tags are not part of the templates packaged with the program. Perhaps you’re using templates a Mac user has created and shared, or one you modified from back in the beta days before the templates were fixed for Windows? It doesn’t make sense to put a note about them in the manual since most users would never bump into them in the first place and it would just cause more confusion.

Some tags do exist, for auto-numbering and such; you can find a list here: scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … -tags-list

You’re right – I’m working on a novel I was working on during the Beta testing, so it would have been an old template.

And, yes, it would be more confusing to mention it if it no longer happens. Request withdrawn :slight_smile: