Template Sheets

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or a wrong expectation on my part, but my Template Sheets do not seem to be working the way I think they should (based on the mac video tutorial on templates).

I just updated to the most recent version of Scrivener for Windows (v012), but I made the mistake of not uninstalling first, so I then did a full uninstall including deletion of the scrivener folder and contents from the Program Files (x86) folder. Then I reinstalled.

Here’s the problem:
Even on a brand new project where I haven’t tried to create my own template files, When I right-click to add a document into an existing folder the context menu has only the following options: Add -> New Text | New Folder | Existing Files… As I understand it, the whole point of templates is that you can create the template once and then use it as the basis for any new documents. Currently I have to resort to keeping a blank copy of the template in the folder, and then duplicating that blank file every time I want to add a document of that type.

I also have the problem that in the main project I’m working on right now, I deleted the original Template Sheets folder, and now I can’t create a new one. The ability to set a folder as a templates folder does not exist on any menu I can find.

If this is how templates are supposed to work, then I will stop wasting time with them. If not, then either something is messed up on my system, or this is a bug. Other than this single irritation, I am very impressed with the software. Now every time I have to do something in MS Word, I feel like I’m wearing a straight-jacket.

Thanks for your attention to this.
-Mike Riley

Template documents within projects are Mac-only right now, so there’s no way to create them in Windows and ones that are brought in via one of the project templates (which I think still have to be weeded through, since they were all just ported from the Mac version) just act like regular documents.

Your best way to do this is as you’re doing: just to create a folder that you call “Templates” or something and make your template documents in there, then use the Duplicate command to create a new copy that you can fill out and move wherever you want in the binder.

Thanks for the reply! I’m happy this isn’t the result of something stupid on my part. I guess I’ll just ignore the concept of templates until the feature is implemented.