Template Topic Posting

Hello All, especially Scrivener Staff and Dev Team,

Executive Summary: It would be nice (and very helpful) to see a Topic Category or Forum for User Templates created. For example, “The Writers Notebook Template”, the David Hewson Templates, and so on.

Discussion: I want to like to participate in a “Scrivener Template Users Group” to collaborate on building a variety of very detailed (writers) templates.

I have downloaded many templates from here and the Net, as well as researched various writings “systems” or "how to"s; and, also did “search” on this forum, and I look forward to customizing and help progress Scrivener Templates for everything from novelists to serial novelist short story writers and more.

Creating a Topic on this forum would be great and excellent progress for Scrivener (IMHO) and very helpful to me and other writers.

Thanks for listening,