Template Trouble

When I set up my project for my new novel, I set up a couple of templates for doing describing place or character. Now, whenever I open a document to write a scene it ALWAYS picks from the Character Sketch template no matter what I do. I’ve tried everything including deleting the template and removing the template folder and not setting it up, to having one “Scene” Template that is just formatted for manuscript work. But no matter what I do, the new document always comes up formatted for “Character Sketch”. And of course I tried opening from template, and picking the one I want. Currently, I have one template set and its not “character sketch” as I trashed that, and it still is using “character sketch”. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Was loving the program, but not so much any more. Lost an hour to this, this morning after many frustrating months. I’ve looked everywhere to see if it’s somehow set up as the “default template”, but I can’t find that setting anywhere. Help!

Windows doesn’t have an option for setting a default document template for containers, so what you’re describing shouldn’t be happening; it ought to be always creating a normal blank document unless you’ve specifically chosen New From Template. Would you be willing to send a zipped copy of the project doing this to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com (with reference to this thread) so we could take a look at it directly? I’ve seen another report of this bug too, but I have no idea what could be causing it to do this and I’d really like to track it down and fix it for good, as well as hopefully find a quick solution to fixing it for you.

Okay. I’ll do that in the next couple of days. Thank you.

Okay, I sent a zip file in this morning with the subject as template trouble.

Thanks for sending the project copy. The good news is that the problem is immediately clear: there are 6584 duplicates of that template file in your project’s Files/Docs folder. What’s happening is that when a new item is created in the binder, Scrivener assigns it the next available ID according to the binder list, and that ID is then used as the file name when you begin typing in the editor. But here, when the new binder item is created, there’s already a file of matching ID in the project folder, so that file is immediately loaded in the editor. With over 6000 copies of the file, you could be creating new binder items for a long time without getting a blank document.

The mystery is how the project came to have so many duplicate files, all with the same created/modified/access date of over a year ago. Sync or copy glitch? Fortunately, the fix at least is simple: just delete all the extra copies from the project folder. If you have a duplicate finder, that can make the job extra easy. (I’ve gone ahead and fixed your copy for you, and emailed that back.)

Thank you!