Templates and Forms

I like the ability to make templates for things like character and location sheets but the formatting annoys me. When I try to cut and paste information into a character sheet, for example, it’s easy to completely screw up the formatting.

I’d like it much more if these types of documents could consist of labels and text fields. I understand that this would be more than Scrivener was made to be and that it might not make sense for Scrivener to have forms.

It would be wonderful, however, if there was a way to make forms that could be imported into Scrivener as template files rather than trying to use text files.

Although there are no plans to somehow implement form entry into the text editor, stay tuned, I think we’ll have some interesting features for you to play with in the future. :slight_smile:

squeeeeee!!! can’t wait :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Editorial since before Scrivener came out to do exactly this.

Editorial can present an entry form to build content for a character sheet.

That can then be imported easily into Scrivener.

You can do something similar using basic scripting (Python or similar) or using Automator