Templates Blank


I have downloaded new templates from three different sources and all have the same issue. The binder structure is there, I can see the folders and files on the left, but all of the content is missing. I know that there is supposed to be content in each of these templates–they are not supposed to be blank.

The templates that came standard with Scrivener all appear to have content. And the projects I’ve created with those templates all have kept their content.

I am using Windows 10, if that helps.

I have seen several posts on this forum about this, but no resolution that I could find. My concern, aside from not having the content that came with the templates, is losing my own content if I use these templates.

Please advise what, if anything, can be done about this.



Strike what I said about the templates that come with Scrivener being OK. They are not. They are also coming out blank. :cry: