Templates: Book/Chapter/Monthly Series

Book Series: would love to see some examples of projects and project templates that accommodate Book Series or Chapter Installments (monthly series)?

Would someone point me the proper direction? thank you.

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I should note that this topic has been discussed a number of time on the forum here. You should be able to find some good advice in search. We also have a case study featuring Monica McCarty, on how she handles writing serial novels in Scrivener.

I’m not aware of any templates specific to this, because at its core there isn’t really much special that needs to be done. It’s more a matter of how you use the program, than what starting folders you have in the Binder.

Much thanks on reposting in the appropriate area, shows the real labor of admin/supporting/hosting a BBS/Forum, hats off to you.

I have looked at many postings on templates and serial fiction. Some of the templates are excellent in general, however, as you said it is also a work-flow/process of writing individual to each author.

Some of the templates for example the Carol Norrington Novel-Outline Template as well as, http://justinswapp.com/free-scrivener-templates/ Justin Swapp website which are excellent and interesting.

Any interesting contributions by authors in this area and templates I am certain is an evolving and ongoing discussion as Scrivener becomes top application, which I am certain is the near future, bar none.

Thank you again.

Exactly, I think the theoretical approach to putting together a novel is going to be a better starting point for most people than the serial aspect itself, since the latter is just how many times you do the former. :slight_smile: With Scrivener, it’s pretty easy to have more than one related book or work in a single project, I’d say it’s even easier than having separate project in most cases since they can all share background info and cross-reference each other.

I’m beginning to put that to the test myself (the ease of keeping multiple related books in one project). I started a “short story” that was headed toward the novella length before I abandoned it, and now I’m working on book one in a potential trilogy or even longer series.

Since the short was a disaster, the only thing I’m really doing with the previous material is borrowing character sketch documents and keywords from the previous story for book 1. This has brought to the fore some organizational challenges.

Do I create keyword “folders” to separate characters present in one story from another to make using those keywords easier? What do I do with recurring characters with regards to keywords? I’ve considered duplicating them, so that I can always see “Kat” was in the prequel novella and also in book 1, but didn’t actually do that yet; searches for the “Kat” keyword won’t differentiate them, I don’t think, so there are pluses and minuses to this approach. I’ve already created keywords for Book1 and Short1, so that I can search only one story at a time, along with a Boolean combination of character keywords.

I envision creating saved searches based on these keywords for my entire binder, but I’ll have to see how helpful that is; since heirachy isn’t displayed in search collections, I may run into limitations that frustrate me in that regard.

I’m a long way from making this into anything approaching a real workflow; I imagine my first rough draft will remain incomplete for a few months, and then be put aside for a while after that, but I hope rambling illuminates one aspect of my initial approach to this kind of use case.

You are correct. I have really only been using Scrivener for about 3-6 months, and still learning; except for this, I would love to see a book or a forum posting/sections specifically for this topic, how to use Scrivener from a Theoretical or Designing Customized Project templates and more.

For example, I love the descriptions of Scrivener is the same as putting together a mosaic. Some of the project templates I’ve seen are granular for a specific topic. So I am trying the following as a starter beta and if it works for this then it will work for serials:

Separate Projects (.scrv project file) for:

  1. Collected Short Stories (about 200, so a volume one and a volume two separate project .scrv files).
  2. Master Project List (practically empty, only carries titles of all projects and synopsis on notecards and link to project file. May add Outlines and/or project status updates; most probably just the updates.
  3. Individual .scrv projects for book, fiction and non-fiction.
  4. One Characters and One Locations Project .scrv and this is a repository for all characters and locations.

I still am not hooked into any internal structures for the Binders yet.

Thanks as always,


Slapping my forehead, ouch, I did not even think about searches yet. Eeeeek!

What do I do now?

Slowly the ship lists, a little this way and then a little that.

Go through the Interactive Tutorial. Whenever you see a new option, consider how you might make good use of it, maybe come back and ask how “feature x” can be of use in your quest to keep track of multiple books or serials. Also, I don’t know if Scrivener for Dummies covers this, but a lot of people praise it as a great way for novelists to get to know how to use the program; if you’re not intimately familiar with Scrivener, then that would be a good starting point.

thank you rdg!