Templates[BUG LOGGED]

I’m trying to make a character template in the Fiction layout but I can’t find where the information page said to find it. Is anyone else having this trouble?

Hmm. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that the Windows beta includes document templates, and I don’t see any reference to them in the tutorial. (The only mentions of template there are for project templates, e.g. Short Story or Blank or Novel.) My guess is that the template was ported without change from the Mac version, where document templates are possible.

Yes. I was talking about the project templates. Sorry. Forgot the name. :smiley: Do you know how to create copies of them?

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do. Could you maybe explain a little more your process and end goal? Are you attempting to make your own project template? I want to help but I’m just not quite sure what to answer. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the Windows beta yet, but the way you do this on the Mac version is to do the following:

Create a new project using the template you want to customize. Make note of where you save it so you can delete it later.
Make your changes/additions/deletions to this new project.
Save As Template
Delete the project you just created.

Now you will have your custom version of that template to choose from the next time you start a new project.

If you’re trying to just create your own project template (or modify an existing one), then yeah, it basically works the same for Windows as robertdguthrie said above. There are some bugs still with the templates in Windows, though (e.g. mentioned here) and I think generally though you can choose any of the categories for your template when saving it, it only really shows up if you put it in Fiction. (I’ve heard that it works in Blank and Fiction, but testing it now I’m only able to reliably get the template to show up in Fiction. But that seems to be where you’d want yours, so that’s nice.) Lee’s working to fix all that, of course.

The actual template files are stored in Documents and Settings[User]\Local Settings\Application Data\Scrivener\ProjectTemplates if you need to access them. (Even if the template is not showing up in the template chooser, the file itself still exists there, so you may have inadvertently created a bunch while attempting this that you may want to delete. They’re not very large files though, usually, so it’s not a big deal.)