Templates Central? A Repository of Third-Party Templates

TEMPLATES CENTRAL? Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a “Templates Central” (or some such other) where users of Scrivener could ‘donate’ or ‘gift’ their custom-made Scrivener templates (such as others have done on a helter-skelter basis) so that other Scrivener users could use them or modify them to suit their purposes? Such a centralized library or repository could ‘host’ these templates. Of course, some sort of a disclaimer could be posted, e.g., “we are not responsible for any errors …” Scrivener seems so ripe for this sort of thing, akin to ‘apps’ we might find for our iPhones or iPads, huh? The Scrivener website would, of course, be a perfect place to host such a thing, but in the absence of that, anyone could to this.

Hi TravelPsych,

This has long been on our list of things we want to do, in fact. We’re hoping to put a page together on the site like this sometime after the Windows version comes out, when we have more time. We still have to work out how best to manage it so that we don’t get overloaded and so that we don’t get in trouble in the event of copyrighted material being posted, and suchlike, but it is on the list.

Thanks and all the best,