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I’ve tried creating two templates. They are in the Templates folder as indicated, however I find I cannot open them, either within Scr. nor by double clicking them. When I double click them, I get a dialogue asking what application to open them with. I have to deselect ‘recommended applications’ and select ‘all applications’ to get Scr. to be selectable and then I get an error dialogue box saying Scr. cannot open files in the Scrivener Document format.

Either this is a bug or I’m really missing something, which is of course always possible!

Please advise. Many thanks,


To access templates you’ve created, simply make a new project from within Scrivener. If you have templates loaded, you will get a template selection screen before going on to the familiar project creation wizard.

I wonder if Scrivener should be able to open them, though? It would be a good way to revise your templates if ever need be. I haven’t tried it, maybe it already does it – but another idea would be to make the template area a drop zone where you could easily install templates you’ve downloaded.

Amber has already answered this. :slight_smile: Just go to File > New Project. You can’t double-click on them to open them. To edit your templates, you have to recreate them, I’m afraid - but this isn’t really a big deal, since you can just open them and save them over the top (the only thing you will have to redo is the description).

Ah, of course. How simple. Many thanks Amber and Keith. This was way too easy. :slight_smile:

I LOVE the template feature now that I know how it works. No worries on having to edit them by recreating. You are right about the ease of it and retyping a description is no biggie since I think they will tend to be rather short!

Thanks so much for everything, Keith. Scr. is just so awesome.


Btw, I’m having a heck of a time posting or getting around the forum. The internal server errors seem to be getting more frequent and posting this took four attempts. Just to let you know.

Another approach might be to Click once on the File then do a Get Info (Command - I). At OPEN WITH: enter Scrivener, then all files ending in .scriv will open in Scrivener. Do the same for Templates (.scrtpl files), which are saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Templates/

Just an addition to the AmberV and Keith’s posts - not an ‘instead of’.

Just a PS. You can just enter all of your details in the TEMPLATE title page instead of ‘NAME’, ‘ADDRESS’ etc. this then becomes the new template title page - details already set to go for all similar projects.


This might be helpful now that b4 is template friendly:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … =3036#3036