Templates Folder Option Missing

I tried to follow the instructions (on the forums and in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzvkeobCWvo) for creating my own template folder with templates for character sheets, etc. Unfortunately the option “Set Selection as Templates Folder” does not appear under my Project tab no matter what I do. Is this because the Windows version is still in beta, or am I doing something wrong?


This is a Mac-only feature at present. For Windows, you can create a folder and call it Templates, as many of the fiction project templates do, and create your template documents there, then use Documents>Duplicate (or the right-click context menu) to make a copy of the template and then move it to wherever you want to use it in the binder.

Thanks for your quick reply. Your strategy worked for me, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that more template features will be available somewhere down the line.

I watched a video on youtube from 2016 and this option is available. I bought Scrivener last week and I don’t have the option. Why is this difference? I use also the Windows version as in the video.


Thanks in advance,