Templates Folder Problem


I recently did a factory reset on my laptop and reinstalled the Scrivener program. The laptop had saved the Scrivener documents I had and the information was all there once I reinstalled Scrivener. Everything is working fine except for one problem - the Templates Folder keeps reverting back to the Scrivener default.

I can create my own template with my indents and fonts, but every time I go to add a text file from the templates folder, it keeps putting the default text file in.

I’ve attached two screenshots of the problem.

Hopefully somebody can point me in the right directions to resolve this. Thank you.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here; the templates folder is the source of templates, not the destination, but it looks like you’re trying to create a new file from a template in the templates folder. Am I misinterpreting what you’re trying? If so, please explain where you expect the new template file to appear, what menu/toolbar icon you’re using, what folder you had selected when you attempted to create a file from a template, and so-forth.


I’ll try and be as clear as I can.

When I press the button ‘New Text’ it creates a file that is the default Scrivener text. I understand that I can create a template folder that has my own personal formatted and have the ‘T’ symbol on the text file. I have created my own text files that are indented and have their own font and size. I do this have the ‘T’ symbol. I close Scrivener and when I open my Scrivener project again that file then reverts back to the original Scrivener format. It’s very frustrating. I tried to show this in the above two pictures.

Does this make sense? What am I doing wrong?

“New text” or “Add Item” or via Ctrl-N always uses the default settings from Options/Editor. No templates involved here. If you want to create a new text from one of your templates inside the Template Folder, select Add/New from Template and then select the appropriate template. You can have many different template documents inside the Template folder, but the top one is special. The one you place on top in the Templates Folder can also be used as a template for a new document with the shortcut Ctrl-T, Ctrl-N.

I may have missed this before, because I was looking for boiler-plate text as with the Character Sketch templates, which have text headers for Name, eye color… and other prompts for information, but are you referring to the ruler and font settings?

If so, there are two rather fiddly things that I’ve found regarding new documents: If your template is to reflect these ruler settings, you have to have some text, even if it’s just a single space, in the document of the template. Without something that the program considers to be “text” in it, Scrivener will rely on the default text settings from Tools->Options when you create a new binder entry and start typing/pasting into that new document.

So, start by entering a single blank space into the template. Now you have to select “all” of that text in the document (CTRL-a). Then verify that your ruler settings, paragraph settings, font settings, pretty much everything that you can change in the header to the editor in Scrivener, is as you want in your template file. If you don’t select the contents of the document first, those settings won’t be “applied” to anything, and so copies of that template document will revert to defaults.

Also, as Linus pointed out as I was typing this, you have to ensure you’re creating your new document from a template, rather than the default “new document” from Tools->Options settings.

Make sense?