Templates Folder selection glitch (Project Settings... -> Special Folders)

Scrivener v3.2.2 (14632), macOS 11.6

Just two empty “Templates” folders exist in this barebones test project, I created them, and then this happens (no alcohol involved):

Probably just a display issue, since selecting either of the “two” folders sets the correct Templates folder (“T” icon in Binder).

It’s just a convenience for you. Any folder with the word “template” in it will be listed at the top like that. It probably makes more sense when the rest of the list has a hundred entries in it. :slight_smile:

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Interesting. You’re right. Usually I don’t create that many folders down there. It works even with language specific names (e.g. “Vorlage” in German). That’s actually pretty neat. :+1: