Templates Folders and Scrivener Links consistently breaking

This must be a setting somewhere, because it only happens to this one project, but I can’t figure out where the setting is so I can turn it off. Maybe I’m saving it wrong or something. Whenever I close my Recipes project, all Scrivener links I’ve created disable themselves, and the Templates folder reverts to a normal folder. I have to click “Set Selection as Templates Folder” each time I open the project. How do I make it stop doing that?

Below are two images. You can see how on the first one, the desired Templates folder has a “T” on it and the hovertext from the Scrivener link is showing a Scrivener path. On the second one, the same folder has reverted to a standard folder, and the hovertext on the link is showing a string of gobbledygook that asks me if I’ve deleted the linked file when I click on it. Note that I did not even close Scrivener between these two photos - I just closed the one project, leaving a different project open, and then reopened this one.

There’s no setting for this; if you set the templates folder, it should stay the templates folder, and Scrivener links should keep working. Since this is isolated to the one project, is there anything different about where or how you save and use this project compared to others? For instance, is it stored in Dropbox or GoogleDrive or any sort of sync folder that might be affecting the contents of the project?

Aha! I keep all my projects in Dropbox, and I’d noticed that the template folder designation wasn’t sticking. Maybe that explains it. It’s a minor enough inconvenience that I’m not likely to change my ways over it.

Keeping the project in Dropbox shouldn’t be causing this in and of itself, though, so I’d worry it’s indicative of a bigger problem with syncing. Keep an eye on your Dropbox to watch for lag, or if you’re pausing Dropbox syncing while working, be sure to watch the sync progress after you re-enable it to see that the project completely finishes syncing before you log off. Since a Scrivener project is made up of many files, some will finish earlier than others. Also you may want to check the dates and times of the project files within File Explorer and on the Dropbox website, to make sure that none of the local files are being overwritten by an earlier version from the server.

If you don’t mind sending a zipped copy of the problem project to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, we can take a look at how the template folder is being saved in the .scrivx and what’s going on with that, if it’s not just down to the Dropbox syncing. Given that all your projects are stored the same way, it still sounds as though this one is more volatile for some reason, unless it’s just that you haven’t been working in others recently or they don’t have a templates folder.

Thanks, I’ve just done this. I stripped out pretty much everything in the project and copied it out of Dropbox and it was still showing the issue for me. (Note that I’m not the OP, but I do have other projects where this seems to be working properly.)

(OP here.) Sorry for the late response! Life is kinda crazy sometimes.

I can send in my project as well. I do keep this project in my Dropbox… right next to all of my other projects which aren’t showing this problem. I do occasionally pause syncing while I work in Scrivener, but I always restart it afterwards and to the best of my knowledge it’s never been caught half-synced. I will, however, keep an eye on the syncing whenever I do this in the future.

To answer other questions, I have two projects that I work on consistently, this one and a non-broken one, and they both have a templates folder. It’s just being weird.

My problem is fixed now! I figured I would post the fix for anyone else who has this problem. I sent in my zipped project just like MimeticMouton suggested, and this is the fix they gave me:

I was already updated, so I moved my files to a new project and all seems to be well.

Ah-ha! I was looking for this info just now - didn’t expect to read it in this post, but glad I didn’t have to go digging back further. :slight_smile: