Templates Location - Organization

I recently imported a few templates. Some appeared in the Miscellaneous category and one in the non-fiction category. I thought it would be best if a few of the miscellaneous category templates appeared in the non-fiction and thought I’d go to where the folder templates are stored to see if there was a sub-structure where a drag and drop would suffice so they would appear in the correct category when starting a new project. For the life of me, I can’t find the folder which I would have though and most of my efforts to learn more indicate should be their resting place - ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates. I have no such folder and I have unhidden the Library location to be sure that I was looking in the correct places. It may be moot if it turns out that placing templates in the correct category can’t be done in Scrivener but I’m curious now - where are Scrivener Templates on my computer?


I don’t have a Templates folder in Application Support. In the Scrivener package, Resources folder, there are several tiff files prefixed ‘Template’, including all the default template types. However, I wouldn’t recommend adding extra templates to the application package without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Thank you for the input. Still curious as to where the templates reside as everything I’ve read is the aforementioned folder is supposed to exist and would like to know about how to go about categorizing.


As I’ve said, they’re inside the application package itself. I’ve also just noticed that in Resources there is a Default Support Folder which contains a ProjectTemplates folder, with all the templates in there. However, they’re NOT arranged further into subfolders, nor is there a Miscellaneous folder or template, so that must occur within the software itself.

Firstly, the metadata and category assignment of a template has nothing to do with where or how it is stored on the disk. So it’s a bit academic, but the easiest way to get to your support folder is via the “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” menu command, in the main Scrivener menu. It could be you purchased from Apple; software sold through them is required to be sandboxed, which means it can’t use your normal library folder structure, and it will all be buried several layers deep off of ~/Library/Containers.

As for adjusting the metadata of a template, one would use the same procedure they would to change any aspect of a template, as described in the user manual, starting on page 53, “Updating Templates”. When you get to the point of saving the modified copy (even if you haven’t modified the content at all), you’ll be asked what category it should be placed under.

This is true for the built-in project templates. Stuff you import doesn’t get “installed” into the .app folder structure though. That is what the ~/Library folder is for—and for sandboxed stuff, the ~/Library/Containers/com.blahblah.applicationName/Data/Library folder is for.

Thanks AmberV, that solved 2 puzzles. Yes, I purchased from Apple. I’ve never created a template so wasn’t aware that options for category were editable when doing so. I will attempt to edit the categories the templates are in.