Templates using older meta-data styles

This isn’t a bug, but it fits better here than anywhere else. Working with a new script project, I found that the default settings for label and status are still the 1.x style–white “no label” and N/A for status. This is the case for all the templates in the Scriptwriting category, with the exception of the Comic template (it uses N/A for status but has the 2.0 “no label”), and also for the Persuasive Lecture template. (All the others are 2.0-style.)

A side observation, in the Novel and Novel with Parts templates, there is a label for “chapter” but it is not applied to the “Chapter” folder. Also in the Novel with Parts, the first scene is given the label “scene” and the status “first draft”, but all other scenes have no label or status. Probably anyone using the template is just going to overwrite it all anyway, but if you do update the templates (in all your spare time), it might be nice to make the scenes all the same to avoid confusion.

Thanks - I hadn’t noticed the old label and status settings, they should have been updated so Ill fix that for 2.0.5. I’ll also update the labels in the novel/novel with parts projects.
Thanks again for catching this!
All the best,