Templates with prompts in the form of questions

I wish both the Mac and iOS versions of Scrivener could include templates for various types of writing assignments given in college that would include prompts in the form of questions. If not I would like to see templates that could adapt to various types of writing assignments given in college that are based off instructions given for any writing assignment that includes prompts in the form of questions.

I don’t know if this can be added to the Mac and iOS versions of Scrivener or not. I sometimes have problems understanding instructions my professors give to various college assignments including writing assignments. My problems are sometimes the instructions are abstract to my brain, contain unfamiliar abstract information/vocabulary terms/words, unfamiliar figurative language, unfamiliar vocabulary words and/or is vague, making it where I have to read between the lines. Making instructions to various kinds of assignments, especially writing assignments easier to understand by using easier to understand words without changing the meaning of the instructions would help me out.

This is all coming from an adult female diagnosed so far with autism, generalized anxiety disorder and dyspraxia.

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Hi, bdaniels48,

I am not affiliated with Lit & Lat, but as a college professor, I can tell you with good confidence that the best thing for you to do in those circumstances is seek help from your professor. Assisting you in understanding is (part of) what they are there for. As far as I can tell, most professor’s office hours are under-subscribed, so most professors are in that way easily available to provide you one-on-one help.

All Best,

P.S. I think what you are wishing Scrivener could do for you it could not possibly do. Scrivener could not explain your class assignments to you. Your class assignments are specific to your class. The only actual authority over what is wanted for your class assignment is your professor. You need to consult them. Your prof may also be able to suggest to you good reference resources for, say, technical terms in your area.