Bizarre one this.

How about some kind of document template mechanism, so that you can have a chapter set up with common text before you start writing?

Or you could use the template as a form:

full name:

… so you can build character sheets, or location settings

You can already do this in two ways:

  1. There is the Project Template mechanism. Set up the bare bones of a Scrivener project and use File > Save As Template. The template will then be an option whenever you create a New Project (there are three templates available on the DMG file of 1.03, and more will come with 1.04).

  2. If you just want a template for a single document within a project, create the template document and then just use Cmd-D to create another instance of it.


Yep! That’ll do it! Thanks!


Templates are such a cool feature. I wish that functionality was in Journler, which I use for taking notes in class.


You might also want to check out this thread on which is posted a number of templates of just the sort you mentioned that people have shared.