I have a project in which I’ve set things up exactly how I’d like them with formatting etc. Is there a way to create a template so I can preserve my settings for the next project ? I tried doing this by going to “save as template” but all it did was save the entire project. I’d like a blank project with my settings embedded or saved into it. Thank you so much.

The best way to go about doing that is to use the File ▸ Save As… command to create a temporary copy of your project somewhere, where you can safely clean out all of the content from the binder, empty the trash, and then save it as a template.

I followed the steps you suggested including emptying the trash of my duplicate copy. It seemed to have emptied the trash in my original project as well. Is “empty trash” a universal command? Does it empty the trash on all projects? If so how can I get the trash back

The command only works on the active project window, perhaps you had the wrong one active when you ran it? Reverting from a backup is the only way to restore the trash, as the stuff in there is permanently deleted.

thank you.