:cry: Being brand new to Scrivener I have no idea which is the appropriate templet to use for my Memoir. Do I use the non-fiction or novel templets.

It really depends on your preference for how to structure the document. I suggest you create a couple of projects, one for each template, and play around with them for a bit. If you have some part of it written already, try splitting the document up as explained in the tutorial, and then play around with the compile settings to get a clearer idea of how the binder structure affects the final output.

You may find that you prefer to start from a “blank” project and just customize from there after you’ve been messing with the other projects for a while, but the great thing with Scrivener is if you want to move your documents to another project, just open the new one up and the old one at the same time, and then just drag the documents from the old one’s binder to the new one’s.