Temporarily override smart quotes?

Is there a way to override the conversion to smart quotes? I don’t mean turning off the option - I mean having the document retain dumb quotes for a specific case. In my current ms. I need smart quotes in 99.9% of places, but in a few I need dumb quotes (to accommodate a font change that doesn’t have smart quotes in the font file). Is there either a hotkey toggle or key combo override for this?

What does the alternative font do with smart quotes? The usual behavior is to just use straight quotes instead, in which case you don’t need to do anything.

You can toggle smart quotes on and off from the Edit -> Substitutions menu. Toggling them off does not change existing text. However, both the Editor and the Compile function have commands that will normalize all quotes to one style or the other, so you’ll want to be sure you don’t transform them by mistake.


Thanks, I think that solves my issue. The font I use is a custom one I made years ago and I didn’t include any information for the smart quote characters. So it just leaves a box.

If I toggle smart quotes in the Edit menu and then make sure not to enforce smart quotes during the Compile, that will probably be exactly what I need. Thank you!