Temporary Pagination

Hi. I’m new to Scrivener and just beginning to find my way around.

Is there a way to print out sections of a book with temporary page numbers? I realize that these will not be the page numbers in the final book, but I have reasons for needing this: 1) pagination lets me see where I am in a given section and helps to get a sense of my overall location; 2) I need to be able to read my poems, stories, and essays aloud, and having page numbers (on a printed page or on the monitor) lets me know where I am; 3) I often work off a printed page, as well as the monitor, and find numbering an important way to see where I am. There are other reasons as well.

Is there a way to do this? Presumably I’m just missing something very simple and easy to accomplish. I apologize in advance for asking a question that probably has an obvious answer.

Thanks so much.

Larry Kant

Try selecting the part(s) of your manuscript that you want to print. Then compile it using the “current selection” option in the drop-down selector of the “contents” pane.

I understand compiling a section. But how do I then temporarily paginate that section?

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Larry Kant

Let’s back up a second. Are you just asking about adding page numbers starting at 1 and counting up, regardless of what the final output’s page numbers will be? Or do you need them to start at whatever page number that sample would start at if you were to compile the whole book today?

If you just want to start at page one, and it’s not doing that on compile, then visit the “Page Settings” section of the compile window. In the center of that pane, there’s a place for left, center or right headers and/or footers to be configured. By adding a <$p> to one of those positions, you’ll get page numbers on the compiled output. Note that the grey codes and words in the boxes are just suggestions; they don’t actually produce any output, so if you see something in grey like “<$p> for pg no”, you won’t see that when you compile. Only when you type in something like “page <$p>” will you get automatically numbered “page 1”, “page 2”…

So, in short, if there aren’t any black letters or symbols that look like “<$p>”, then add that in one of the boxes and then compile your selection.

Yes, you’re right. Thank you so much!