Temporary Scrivener Light

I know and have no doubt that your team are working hard on the mobile version of Scrivener. I also know it will have as many features as possible and it will not be watered down, however many of your customers need something sooner rather than later.

I suggest putting out a Scrivener reader and editor for the Android and iOS. It will be just a barebones word editor that opens a .scriv file from the user’s cloud service, edits it and saves it. Then the Mac or Windows version will be able to read it with all the extras still intact (but not seen or edited on the mobile app). No exporting, no syncing, no RTF files (IMO, the current best solution, but you have all these files to sort through and then dialog boxes).

You can charge a cheap price or even free because it won’t create .scriv files but rather just edit and save the text portion of it. You can also just discontinue the app once the full Scrivener for mobile comes out, or continue with it almost like MS did with the old Office Viewer apps.

I truly think this might be a great stop gap until the full version comes out. PS, if you like this temporary solution and will try it, please put it on Android at the same time too because those are the devices I have :wink:

That is exactly what I need :smiley:
a small “Scrivener” on Android, so that I can continue typing there… the “bigger things” I would do later on my computer… :slight_smile:

cheers Mac

Not a mega fan of the idea of a full-fat iOS version of Scrivener personally (why would I? Current MacBooks are tiny…), but I love this idea of a “light” editor enabling you to dip in and out of .scriv packaged docs. Could be super handy.