"Tension" or Importance icon or graphic?

This is a feature that the desktop SuperNoteCard app has, and it’s one of the few things I really miss after going over to Scrivener:

I write non-fiction books. I enter my research notes into Scrivener as text documents, similar to note cards, with the source attached in Document References.

SuperNoteCard has an “tension” or “intensity” rank (1-10), with a simple red indicator that gets taller as the number goes up, like raising the temperature on a thermometer. The indicator lives to the right of the title of each card, so it’s always there when you open an individual card. It’s also visible in the corner of each card in SuperNoteCard’s equivalent of “corkboard” view.

This feature can be used in several ways, depending on the kind of project you’re writing. I think fiction writers use it to track literal “intensity” of the scene. For the non-fiction books I write, I use it for “importance.” Something that is vital and must be included gets a 10, etc.

I really miss that feature now that I’m working in Scrivener. I could create a custom metadata field with a similar ranking but the custom metadata is only visible in Outline view; I’d love an indicator that’s visible in other views.

Scrivener has so many features, and is so flexible, I realize it can be a little crazy to ask for more. But some visual indicator of “importance” or “tension” would be great. I found the 11 levels (None, 1-10) in SuperNoteCard a bit much for my purposes (What’s the difference between a 6 and a 7, anyway?) but the general concept is very useful.