Terrible font rendering in Windows 10?

I’m copying and pasting text from my novel (Microsoft Word) back to Scrivener (Windows 10) for a new bout of editing. Can anyone tell me why Times New Roman looks great in Microsoft Word and not so great in Scrivener? It kind of kills my enthusiasm for using Scrivener at all. Having the font look good on screen seems a very basic necessity. Someone tell me what is happening here.

I’m using an external monitor. Maybe that’s the difference. Also, I’m new to the PC world, so this might be a problem that can be fixed?

My understanding is that Scrivener underlying framework for the User Interface, is “QT”, I am assuming that Microsoft uses some form of “.net”. I have read in the Atomic Scribbler user’s forum that the two UI interfaces can render fonts slightly different from each other.

I have no idea if that is the cause in this particular situation but in my experiments in using the two, between Scrivener for Windows, and Atomic Scribbler, the level of zoom-in between the two can make a difference. So it MIGHT be the case that the difference between MS Word and Scrivener is a similar situation. THAT is speculation on my part, but it might be something to experiment with.

Lots of possible issues here:

So, are you saying when you show something on two different monitors with probably different sizes, and different dpi (pixels per inch), they look different? The last thing I’d guess would be the program. Lots of pixels on a small screen looks better than fewer pixels spread out over a larger screen.

Another issue is the cable. For instance if you are sending out a digital message to a digital monitor, using an analog cable connection (VGA) then it often looks fuzzy. Going from the digital output through an analog connection and the re-digitized to the digital screen produces less than optimal results.

Absolutely. My understanding is that Microsoft created Tahoma and Georgia for led screens because Times New Roman and Arial looked so bad on them. Scrivener lets you choose whatever fonts you like on whatever background you like in whatever size you like so what you work with looks good for you given your eyes, screen, etc. Try a better font.

Actually, the only issue is that, for whatever reason, Times New Roman isn’t rendered very well in Scrivener (Windows). The same font looks great in Microsoft Word, whether on my laptop or on my external monitor. So, no, I’m not comparing different resolutions–laptop versus external monitor.

There is no difference on my screen.

Scrivener on top, Word bottom.