Terribly naive question about emptying Trash

Please excuse the ‘naive’ nature of this question, and if this is already available in options (which to my best knowledge I couldn’t seem to find), but:

I would like to right-click on the Trash in the binder, select ‘Empty Trash’ option and have the same emptied.

Instead, it asks me: “You sure you want to empty trash?” It does, if I select YES/OK.

Is there a way to bypass this? Can I simply, empty trash without the warning? (I know it is very useful, but it’s not working for me.)

Thanks in advance.

Cheers – ZG

If having to answer this safety question is bothering you, you are definitely emptying the trash way, way too often!! I almost never empty the trash in Scrivener – the stuff in there takes up negligible space on a hard drive – so, why do it?

Sorry, I don’t know of a way to suppress the safety question.


There isn’t a way of turning off the warning.