This thread is intended for Dreamhost support to run some tests, as they are investigating the occasional “Internal Server Errors” that have been occurring. Please do not reply to this thread unless you are a Dreamhost support person. :slight_smile:



More testing…!

One last test!

So is this the thread where we put in our application to be a dreamhost support person?

What? Shut up? Go away or you’ll attract Vic-k and then the dreamhost guys you are trying to impress with your orderly board and instruction-following users will see us for what we really are?

Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?

Man it’s cold in here.

I had to click. I just couldn’t ignore it.

I sure am glad you guys are equal opportunity degenerates. I was having a hard time not going off topic here.

the real question is, now dream host joel has finished testing, will he come back for more of our scintillating wit and sparkling conversation?

Or did he see Vic-k in the corner and slap a notification of foreclosure by the health department on the door?

Could be he took a look at the rest of us and worried about looking … odd. And by odd I mean normal. He just might not fit in.

I luv it when you talk dirty. 8)

What IS that smell in here? Oh Edna. You’ve not…have you? :neutral_face:

She probably has. She doesn`t care :frowning:

It’s not me, it’s probably a dead horse.

Oh, pull the other one Edna. If there was the merest hint of a dead horse, Vic-k would already have flogged it. :wink:




BTW, whatever those dreamhost guys did, the forum is actually working now.

Shes winding you up! Exercise some self control! Wot y like! jeeezzz!!:shock: tch! tch!

I ducked into this test thread for a little quiet – and perchance a host of dreams. So, can you guys keep it down? Trying to nap here. Sheesh.

Five will give you ten that this will eventually become the longest thread on the forum…

A couple of ideas that I always take as axioms.

  1. “Things” will always find their way to a purpose that suits.
  2. People are “things” that can self determine.
  3. People like to have purpose.

Given the above is it not conceivable that certain members of the crew, those who have proven their place in the +3 category, are simply fulfilling the purpose that best suits their self determined lot in life?

Which is a fancy way of saying that your bet is a suckers bet with vic-k around.