Tis axiomatic, young Numpt, that you will never be able to see the wood for the trees. Never mind :frowning:

PS Well maybe not, Quite, 'Never see…" :wink:

That’s not really how you make babies. There is a bit more after that.

Yes, but had the wiggly giggly not waggled and gaggeled then the huffin’ and puffin’ would never have happened.

Dawwwgorrn!! Slap ma thighs!! The kid knows his stuff! Nice one youngn, nice un :wink:

Why thank you Mr. K.

I think that’s a sig in the making!


Have I eve mentioned that I don’t like change all the much?

Having babies, that’s a big change.

Are yours girls? If so, when they get to teenagerdom that’s another big change. Although after 16 years of marriage I am guessing that maybe the kids are also already into that era.

I rather liked the dead horse sig though, shame.

Daughditor is 15 going on 16 going on 25.
Boy is 12 going on 12 begging to stay 12.

It is the first one that should explain my aversion to change.

Me to. If it wasn’t for the Mrs getting tired of hearing the Boy go “Oh Look! Get daddy’s stick!” every time there was a “stern talking too” occurring (which is just about a constant with me around) I probably wouldn’t have given into change. But, she is enamored with … well, the new sig. So it will stay for a little bit. Of course she hasn’t seen the post on the wiggly giggle yet. I may need to change it yet again sigh

Course y did! Cos it was dead easy to wind numpty up...wanit! Now y f snookered ent y` :angry:

A 15 year old girl? You’re probably already in hell!

I know what I was like at that age. I was really repressed by my parents. my mother was completely out order asking me questions like “how was my day?” and “What do you want to do when you leave school?”, “Don’t you have some homework?” and “Have you done your flute practise?”

wait a sec, do dauditor, boy and wife read these forums?

[ puts on sensible trousers and cardigan. ]

We have the “how was your day” question pretty regular. The whole “what do you want to do” … I figure that if i, the “responsible adult” can’t figure out what I want to do, I have no right to expect her to have a clue. That and I can’t get her to leave the homework alone long enough to to hang out with her friends. And the stinking eating! Good lord. If only she would leave some food for the rest of us. Then again, with the running and tennis and chores and all I can’t find clothes small enough. Maybe I need her to stop eating the apples and focus on the ice cream.

My life is so terrible. :cry:

Yes and no. Often the sound of nose-squirt-covers-desk will bring them cautiously to ask what vic-k wrote (notice that even they assume that most absurdities originate from that quarter). Mostly they just roll their eyes collectively (hence the orbital wobble) and wait for me to begin the recitation. I will admit to limited censoring for Boy. Daughditor and snort … they get the “full monty”.

Oh crap. I just noticed a little number over --> with the word posts in front of it. On a whim I did memberlist.php?mode=&sk=d&sd=d#memberlist and sorted by posts.

How in the name of all that is good did the +3 make it into the top 5? What is wrong with you moderators? Do you let any old fools on board to muck up the … wait. Never mind. Vic-k is still ahead of me. I need to pass him first.

Good lord, who’s that Eiron person? I’ll soon have him. He hasn’t been here since 2007, he won’t put up a fight.

Then I’ll be eyeing up hugh with a wicked glint.

Ummm…whoever it is that’s wearing the parfum, it does smell marginally better than that dead horse vic-k flogged (allegedly).

Which one? :confused: