Dead horse?!



…My dad actually does that to me—or rather, he takes the ice cream from my brother and hands it off to me. :open_mouth:

Then again, I think my thyroid’s hyperactive.


A simple blood test will determine whether or not it is (usually).
Ferreting out the cause is a marginally more complex procedure. If youre hyper, you shouldnt really be living with the condition (by that , I dont mean you should be put down :open_mouth:), you really need to get it sorted. Hyper or hypo, you need a GP whos diligent in his/her monitoring of the condition. Not all of them are.
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I see therapy in your brother’s future!

I can just picture them two: Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Ill bet shes got him light headed!! :slight_smile:

I’ve had all the blood tests. They’re still too “normal” (on the fringe of normal, but still normal) for the doctor to see anything wrong yet, never mind that I’m 22 and get hot flashes. :unamused:

My endocrine system’s shot, see. It’s a genetic condition.

My kids have one significant genetic condition that the will need to learn to deal with. 50% of their genes come from me.

That`s BAD!! and it aint no joke!! :open_mouth:

is it possible (despite your screwed up endocrine system), that you are just a skinny kid as far your metabolism is concerned. Some people can eat like a horse, and not put on an ounce, whereas, there are those who only have to look at a cookie, to put on 2lb/1kg. Its the way they are. It has nothing to do with hormonal abnormality, at least, in as much as, [i]their[/i], metabolic rate is considered [i]normal[/i] for [i]them[/i]. Are you thin/small framed (skeletally)? Its a bit of a bitch if y dont like ice cream :open_mouth: init?!!

Take care

I know. Imagine having 100% of those genes! That schmuck is doomed.

I know I have a high metabolism; I’m a little skinny thing who can pass for 12. The thing is, it’s getting faster. I have to force myself to eat more than I want to just to maintain my weight. If it were just a high metabolism, wouldn’t I be hungrier?


No. Metabolism is the ability to process. Hunger is a response to the perceived need to eat. I have a low metabolism (just seen the word c…kie adds 3 lbs) yet I am constantly hungry. I have conditioned myself to eat when I am stressed so any time I experience stress I feel hungry. My line of work is stressful.

Think Pavlov and his dogs.

Try eating a little bit at a time, but eat pretty constantly. We have been able to get Daughditor to stay over 100 lb using this method. For her we are every 60 minutes. She eats things like a small muffin, a bit (1/4 cup) of home made granola, an apple, maybe a candy bar. If she is on court she eats a bit more. We don’t restrict anything but she prefers fruits and healthier stuff by nature. She also eats full meals with us. The school doesn’t like it, but they also tried to suggest she had an “eating disorder” because she is so thin. If only they knew.

Before this thread becomes any more involved or complex in terms of: medical science; dos n dont; try this n thats! Bear this in mind: take nothing, as a given. At best see things as areas to be explored, but under rigourous scrutiny. Be very discerning about data and statistical claims made on the web. ‘The plausible landscape’ is one of the most treacherous terranes, anywhere. The plausibility trap is like a black hole, so beware.

Check this out: drugs.com/pdr/creon.html.

I`ve been a diabetic Type2 for over 25yrs, compliments (like all diabetics) of a rogue pancreas. A healthy pancreas produces the hormone insulin. Rogue pancreas=no or partial production of the hormone. All you need to know: mamashealth.com/organs/pancreas.asp However there is also a pancreatic condition that causes the pancreas to stop producing the enzymes the body needs to digest food. As a consequence, every thing you eat, no matter how nutritious, passes right through your system, without your system being able to extract anything from it. As you can well imagine rapid weight loss ensues. I developed the condition about 9yrs ago. Before a definitive diagnosis was arrived at, I went from 13.5 stone 189 lbs down to 11stone 154 lbs

The remedy, but not a cure, is to take something like Creon Enzyme Capsules. In my case however, not too long after the onset of the condition, maybe a year, no more than that, all the symptoms vanished. I havent taken any medication (Creon), since. But this is a bizarre occurrence. As far as m aware, once youve got the condition, youre stuck with it.

A god indication of the disease is the condition of a persons faeces and what appears to be, re-congealed melted butter clinging to the toilet bowl. Only bleach and boiling water will shift the stuff. This is call faecal faecal fat:
[i]Steatorrhoea is an excess of fat in faeces.

The stool may float due to trapped air.

The stool is also pale in colour, may be foul-smelling, and may be associated with droplets of oil seen in the toilet pan after flushing.

This, together with anaemia, are the principal clinical features of malabsorption syndromes such as coeliac disease, chronic pancreatitis and following a gastrectomy.

In coeliac disease the faecal fat excretion is usually between 25 and 30 g per day. The fat excretion occurring in steatorrhoea due to pancreatic insufficiency is typically greater than 35 g per day.

More detailed information on causes of malabsorption are provided in the index entry on malabsorption.[/i] gpnotebook.co.uk/simplepage. … 1986723882

May be worth investigating Dee. But remember, take everything on the web, including here, with a healthy dose of initial scepticism. :wink:
Take care

I guess what I am really wondering is whether, genetically speaking, the offspring would be headless too. Or maybe these progeny sprung fully formed da capo. No wonder there is nothing left above the shoulders.

jeeezz!! Wot y` like.?!! He lost his head to a girl…with a…wiggle…and… a giggle! Snot rocket science! init :confused:

They take after their mother in many ways. Having heads is one particular area in which the Y^2 chromosome contributor genome seems to be dominant in this case.

For the record, my genome is also predisposed to being “headful”. It was not to long after the wiggly giggly appeared that the first signs of impending headlessness began to appear.

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It’s vic-k really…I’ve just promoted him! :blush:

The old K > C trick is it? Two can play at that game drudgebert.

That smoking smell might be you trying to figure that out. Or it could be my house burning down. Only time will tell.

Yeah!! I know all that :smiley: But Ill still talk to ys all :wink:
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