Tex Export messes up FIRST footnote (only)

Dear helpful people,

I have set up to write my phd with Scrivener going to Tex via MMD export and almost everything is working beautifully with a few tweaks here and there.

Only one very odd thing popped up, that is that the content of my very first footnote is moved to the very end of the produced tex file. In its place in the beginning, there is an empty “\footnote{}”, repeated like this at the end of the main text (before included footer): “\footnote{}: thetexthatmakesupthefootnote.”

This happens if I switch around footnotes, create a new one etc. - it reliably hits the very first Scrivener footnote, moving its contents to the end somewhere during the Tex Conversion. (Enclosed Tex footnotes in aren’t affected, obviously.)

This is not a complete dealbreaker, but I would rather get rid of the issue if possible. It’s just something to keep in mind all the time, even if I find a way of mitigating it. (Right now I have an empty footnote in the beginning.)

Thanks for any input & best regards,

Hi Chris,

do you necessarily need to go via the MD route? I don’t know how far you are in your project, but when it comes to extracting, maybe this here could help: http://github.com/mnott/texdown

Essentially, it allows you to extract your Scrivener content directly. In any order. Optionally, it also allows you to use a simplified MarkDown. But you wouldn’t need that necessarily.

Also, it is able to even use Scrivener footnotes (instead of Markdowning them, use the actual Footnote function of Scrivener).




Thanks for the reply - I’ll try the option you suggested.

The issue is with an actual Scrivener footnote. Specificially, the first Scrivener footnote in the included Tex Conversion. (If I use a comment or a in Scrivener it’s being left alone.) All following Scrivener footnotes are converted fine. I assumed it is somehow to do with MMD, or the MMD–>Tex Process specifically so this forum seemed a good place to start.

What I like about the setup right now is that I can use Inspector Comments as Tex brackets for more complex things (\dictum etc.) without them cluttering the text with distracting code.