TeXLive / MacTeX 2018

For those who use Scrivener > LaTeX/PDF, MacTeX / TeXLive have been updated to the 2017 version.

New Features: tug.org/mactex/newfeatures.html

This release fixes some major bugs that caused me havoc. I use the much smaller BasicTeX which is only 72MB and still works fine with Scrivener / MMD / Pandoc:


You can use TeX Live Utility on macOS to keep TeX up to date:


MacTeX 2018 is now available, see the changes here:


Very easy to upgrade. I still use the BasicTeX version (only ~70MB download) without problems for compiling from Scrivener via Pandoc. Here are the additional packages needed, easy to install with tlmgr:

sudo tlmgr install lm-math lualatex-math luatexja abstract \ latexmk csquotes pagecolor relsize ucharcat mdframed needspace sectsty \ titling titlesec preprint layouts glossaries tabulary soul xargs todonotes \ mfirstuc xfor wallpaper datatool substr ctablestack