Text and paragraph format in Section Layouts not coming through in compile to .docx

Hi! I want some sections in my compiled Scrivener project to be single-spaced, with a different (monospace) font.

In my project, I created a new section type called SONG/ILUSTRATION/SINGLESPACED and assigned all of those sections the SONG/ILUSTRATION/SINGLESPACED section type.

Then I created a Project Format called “Manuscript (Times) + Extras” by copying the built-in “Manuscript (Times)” format.

In my “Manuscript (Times) + Extras” format, I created:
(1) a Style called “Monospaced Body”, which is a Paragraph and Character Style with Courier and line spacing 1.0; and
(2) a Section Layout called “SS + Mono”.

In the Formatting pane for “SS + Mono”, I highlighted all the text and changed its font to Courier and the spacing to 1.0 , and I also applied the “Monospaced Body” style for good measure.

Then I assigned the “SS + Mono” style to SONG/ILUSTRATION/SINGLESPACED.

However, when I compile the document, the SONG/ILUSTRATION/SINGLESPACED sections come out in Times New Roman, doublespaced. Even the preview pane shows the Times New Roman font, not courier.

Am I doing something wrong or am I hitting a bug?


PS. I took screenshots, but won’t be able to attach them until I reach “Trust Level 1” ¯_ (ツ)_/¯

More info: When compiling to PDF, the SONG/ILLUSTRATION/SINGLESPACED sections DO come out single-spaced, BUT the font is still Times New Roman.

There’s a Compile option that overrides the font for all layouts; maybe you turned it on at some point. Beyond that, I would have named the section type SS - Mono to match the layout and formatted the layout to single space and Courier, which doesn’t require a style at all. In fact, a style can get in the way. If the style was ever TNR in the editor and you added it to the styles pane in Compile, that would override layout formatting.

  1. In the main Compile dialog box, what does this pop-up menu say?

  2. In the Compile designer window, under the relevant Section Type, what is the status of that checkbox at the bottom?

  3. Finally, in the center pane of the main Compile dialog, are you sure you have assigned the target Section Type (SONG/ILUSTRATION/SINGLESPACED) to the desired Section Layout (SS + Mono)?

Ah! It was the first one. Thank you!

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The option that overrides the layouts, then.