Text associated with Parts

I’m using a fairly standard binder approach for a novel, divided into 4 Parts and then chapters. For each part I have a block of text I want to compile onto the Part page, i.e. Part One: Part Name, followed by the text (usually a quotation), then a page break and the chapter heading.

The problem is I can’t find any way to associate text with the part other than adding it as a folder under the Part, which then makes it get treated as its own chapter, so the formatting is wrong and the chapter numbering is now off.

Any ideas? Let me know if I’m not being clear.

Compile>Formatting>Section Layout
Type ‘Part <$t>:’ in the Section Layout>Title Prefix popup for the Part Level.
Check the box for the Part Level to include the Title.
Then format the text in the bottom part of the Formatting window to get it in the font/arrangement that you want.

See Placeholder Tags in the Manual for more options.

Thanks, Tom. I managed to fumble through that and now I get the right text for Part One, but I get the same text for every part. I can’t find a way to have different text for each Part because the compile menu approach seems to set global values.

For the Part One: Part Name text, you could just name each of the four Parts with that full Title and turn it on in Compile. This would do away with the Placeholder Tags for that Level, and since there are only four, not a big burden.

Then for the text quote, you might experiment with writing the text directly into the Parts folders and see what that does. Experiment!