Text Bookmarks and Inline Annotations

I’ve got an annotation at the top of one document. It doesn’t have any leading *s or any other non-alpha characters, yet it shows up in View->Text Bookmarks. Is that menu supposed to show all inline annotations? It seems to be treated as a standard Bookmark Annotation, and not as a Bookmark HEADER Annotation.

Is there a way to prevent inline annotations from showing up in the View->Text Bookmarks menu?

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the parameters for what is or is not considered an eligible marker for the bookmark list, but I do believe I recall Keith specifically programming it so that any inline annotation that encompassed the entire paragraph would be considered a “casual” bookmark (it wouldn’t be force-stripped by the compiler even inline annotations are left in, like real bookmarks are).

But it seems to be working that way consistently, whether or not it is intentional. It will happen anywhere in the document by the way, it’s just a coincidence that it is happening for you with the top annotation. It must be by itself, for if I create an annotation that starts out the document, but then type in some normal text on the same line, it vanishes from the bookmark list, while other whole-line annotations further down in the text continue to show up.